Monday, 26 May 2014

2nd outfit in Italy

It is a routine and tradition to take a trip to the local market whenever I come to Italy. The amount of bits and bobs you can buy for astonishingly low prices are amazing. From fabric to kitchen utensils to jewellery, there is everything you can think of.

Today I bought some harem 'genie' style pants with a henna-like pattern. They are b/w and overall I think they are perfect. They are the most comfortable lightweight trousers that I have ever owned. They have an elasticated waist and elasticated ankles.

I teamed it up with a plain black cropped vest from primark, however they are so adaptable, therefore you can probably wearing most of the tops you own with them. I think they would look lovely with a chunky, silver, coin necklace however I am wearing a simple choker. 

I'm also wearing my chunky white sandles with them however, again, they are so adaptable that you could wear any type of sandle from gladiators to burks.

If you can't get yourself down to a market any time soon then high street stores also sell this style of trousers:



The part that amazed me the most are that they were only €5 and that is cheap for a well made pair of trousers.

Hope you're all having a lovely week,
Love from
Isabel x


  1. Those trousers are gorgeous! There's a pair of harem trousers I'm dying for from New Look with an adorable zebra print that just reminded me of traveling. Just thinking about them makes me excites. Love the henna style of them, they look great with chunky sandals, I love how they're making a comeback xxx

    1. Thank you! I'm glad they are making a comeback too, i fell in love with them straight away xxx