Friday, 14 November 2014



My attire to the gym...

Nike Air Max Thea- Link to Air Max Thea
Leggings- Primark

These Air Max Theas are by far the most comfortable I have ever owned. Never have I ever gained a single blister or rubbing from them. Perfect for the gym and day to day commutes. I find that they are very durable and create a lot of bounce. Strong 10/10!
These leggings are only £4 and have proved to be the best leggings I own. They hold everything in and they have a lot of flexibility, hence why I use them for exercise. They are thick however breathable at the same time. I have owned these for a good year now and they haven't, ripped, torn or snapped at all.
This Nike sports bra is fully supportive and extremely comfortable, several varieties available and I recommend this style in particular as nothing hangs loose and you can easily wear a vest over it if you don't want to show the stomach.

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